How we appeared

  How we appeared It may be better to write that we cook very delicious home-made food from the best natural products and our café is very beautiful and cozy. But many others write this… I will try to explain how our café appeared.

  I am the host, my name is Ilya. There is a “cocktail” of Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and rare Karaim blood in me.   My mother’s ancestors come from the Crimea. From a small population group of Karaims like ballet dancer Anna Pavlova and marshal Malinovsky.   As far back as I can remember my grandfather’s and my parents’ home was full of guests. There were lots of extremely delicious dishes cooked of the simplest products as it was impossible to buy anything else. I don’t remember anybody drunk at my grandfather’s table because it was impossible to get drunk with such abundance of food.   My mother adopted this family tradition and now our home started receiving  a lot of friends and relatives.

  Time came and I met my beloved woman who became the best wife and a good hostess. Victoria’s Odessa roots interlaced with my Crimean past. At the time of the Soviet Union her grandfather opened the famous café “The North”. Our home welcomed our common friends and relatives used to our feasts. As long as I remember those who tried our cuisine wished us to open a restaurant where they could come seven days a week and enjoy various delicacies. But at Soviet time it was impossible.

  Then our time came. With our friends’ help we started realizing our dream to move ETERNAL  FEAST from our cozy flat to our café. Love of reading and passion for travelling made us choose the name Jules Verne. It reflects the diversity of geographical origin of our favorite dishes. Now I will boast a little. Our whole family work together – my wife, my mother and I. We treat the result of our work  and your mood with reverence. We cook from the best products. It is impossible in our opinion to do another way. First, nothing can be worse than to treat people with rubbish. And second, our frequenters are our friends! And the number of clients who love slow home really delicious food grows. Now people come from different cities and countries to enjoy our cuisine.
   We are the only place in Russia where you can try the original Karaim cake and other Karaim dishes.