Roll with cinnamon and vanilla made of puff paste 110 \ булочка с корицей

Poppy roll 120 \Made of puff pastry with poppy stuffing \ пирог с маком

Apple Pie 110 \Made of puff pastry with tender apple stuffing \ яблочный пай 

Sweet Curd Tart 120 \Made of short pastry stuffed with dried apricots and raisins \  ватрушка

Short Pastry Pie 110 \Short pastry cake with fruit jam \ пирог песочный с джемом

Cake Iceberg 100 \With apple and tender soufflé \ Айсберг

Cake Napoleon 100 \Made of puff pastry with custard \ Наполеон

Cake Mysterious Island 95 \On the basis of meringues with custard and fried nuts \ Таинственный остров

Dessert Decadence 150 \Baked apples, decorated with fruit slices \ Декаданс

Fruit Dumplings with cherries 250 \ вареники с вишней