Herring with spring onions (scallion) 150/  селедочка с зеленым луком

Green Paste “Crimean” 180 \Delicate paste of  baked aubergines with tomatoes, onions and garlic \ икра из баклажан

Mexican Onion Rings 160 \ deep fried onion rings with spice \ луковые кольца

Bayalda  160 \ aubergines, tomatoes, onions, carrots, sweet pepper, garlic \ баялда
Squid Rings  160 \ deep fried squid rings with spice \ кольца кальмаров

Mushroom Julienne 150 \ champignons baked with  onions  end sore cream, decorated with  cream cheese \ жульен

Aubergine “Barcelona” 250  \ aubergines stuffed with roasted champignons with onions, baked with tomatoes and cheese \ баклажан Барселона

Escargot a la “Jules Verne” 120  \ edible snails, baked with basil, garlic and cream cheese \ улитки